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Dead Sexy

Blood & Gore & Bump & Grind, every Friday night, now at…



The year: 1899. On the dusty trails of the American traveling show circuit, there are two contenders in the battle for audiences: “Cowboy Chris’ Wild West Extravaganza” and “Dapper Donny V’s Circus Carnival Sideshow.” For years, these arch-rivals have used every trick in the book (and some too dirty to write down) to steal crowds from each other, but when a new show takes to the road—one that offers its thrills not in the form of sword-swallowing or whip-cracking, but in the burgeoning art of “strip-tease”—they must join forces to bring down the upstart.


Dead Sexy NYC

From the award-winning Jonny Porkpie (Burlesque Mayor of NYC, Pinchbottom Burlesque, Grab…