Dead Sexy

Zombies, vampires, goblins and ghosts, hauntings and horrors, devils and demons, murderers, monsters, and other fierce creatures of the night… all (mostly) naked!

Brought to you by the psychopaths who created Pinchbottom Theatrical Burlesque (the “Best Burlesque” in NYC – The Village Voice, New York Magazine) and the infamous international burlesque gameshow Grab My Junk, slasher flasher showcase Dead Sexy rises from the grave every Friday at the horrifying Times Scare in Times Square NYC. A different lineup of ghoulishly gorgeous (and gorgeously ghoulish) guest stars each week, featuring the best neo-burlesque performers on earth… And under it! Come be scared sexy by a frighteningly attractive, monstrously talented, insanely seductive night of tease, titillation, and of course… Death.

It’s burlesque… in a bar… in a haunted house. You just know it’s going to get weird.

DeadSexyBurlesque.com | Fridays 10pm at Times Scare, 669 8th Avenue, Manhattan