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The Church of Titillation

From the folks who bring you Pinchbottom Theatrical Burlesque — The “Best Burlesque” in NYC (New York Magazine, The Village Voice) — comes a night of neo-burlesque so divine—so sublime—so ridiculous, that’s it’s practically a religious experience!

Pastor Jonny Porkpie —alongside a ministry of inspiringly naked guest stars including Angie Pontani, Peekaboo Pointe, Tigger!, Lux La Croix, Kiten La Rue & Lou Henry Hoover, reigning King of Boylesque Mr. Gorgeous, Sunday School teacher Jo “Boobs” Weldon and many, many more—bring the gospel of burlesque to the Crossroads of the World every Sunday.

Running the gamut from silly to sexy, from gorgeous to goofy, from hilarious to hot-hot-hot, The Church of Titillation presents a different show every week, with themes ranging from the sacred to the profane and everything in between, including one world-premiere fully-scripted theatrical show per month. Full calendar of shows at the website. Open to people of all (or no) faiths, creeds, and genders. Hot damn!

ChurchOfTitillation.com | Sundays 8:00pm at Times Scare, 669 8th Avenue, Manhattan