"...and the HORSE YOU RODE IN ON!"
In the peaceful town of Pinchbottom Gulch, sheriff Jonny Porkpie doesn't have much to do... that is, until Nasty Canasta and her rowdy band of girl outlaws ride into town with their guns a-blazin', and their blazin' guns. So the sheriff must dust off his saddle, round up the posse, strap on his six-shooters (along with whatever else he can find to strap on), and head for a showdown at the T&A Corral. It's a bonanza of the good, the bad, and the naked, a show so dang hot it will have you riding sidesaddle for weeks. Pinchbottom's "...AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON!" Wild West Burlesque will truly tell the story of How the Breast Was Won. Ride 'em, cowgirl! ...please?

"This time, Pinchbottom’s themed burlesque heals your saddle sores with a Wild West, six-hooter showdown. Nasty Canasta and Jonny Porkpie host, with guests like Clams Casino, Peekaboo Pointe and The World Famous Pontani Sisters." more press »
Pinchbottom Burlesque
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