The Naked Spies

Burlesque Undercover in the Swingin’ 60s. With a pernicious plot threatening national security, a straight-laced senior spy and a free-loving, fresh-from-the-academy federal agent must team up to infiltrate a mysterious — and nefarious — cadre of scantily-clad baddies. When these ill-matched agents of the National Agency, Kounter-Espionage Division (N.A.K.E.D.) take on the villians DREaded Secret Society for Evil Dictators (DRE.S.S.E.D.), can they put their differences aside long enough to save the world? And remove their clothes? Swingin’ 1960s Spy Shows get Pinchbottom’s patented scripted striptease treatment in an all-new adventure of intrigue and Burl-espionage! Go undercover with very special guest from Denver CO, 2014 Burlesque Hall of Fame Miss Exotic World Midnite Martini, plus Eva La Feva from Chicago, Cheeky Lane, Dick Jones, Jonny Porkpie, Patrick Davis, Reverend Mother Flash, and Jo “Boobs” Weldon! On Sunday September 27, heat up the cold war with THE NAKED SPIES.