HOW to SEX (a do-it-yourself guide)
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Let the sexy experts of The Pinchbottom Institute for the Sex gently guide you through the simple steps necessary to make you -- yes, you! -- a whiz at HOW to SEX. HOW to SEX (a do-it-yourself guide) uncovers every aspect of intercourse in a series of easy-to-watch burlesque-based lessons, all presented live on stage. From choosing the best partner or equipment -- to accurately undressing -- to correctly putting the right thing in, around, or on the other thing -- to cleaning up afterwards, the ins and outs of this difficult and confusing task are examined in tassel-twirling detail in this burlesque self-help seminar.

"For those recovering from disastrous Valentine's Day intimacies, and wanting some helpful hints for next year, the Pinchbottom Institute offers guidance on naughty activities. Along with a seminar led by the married team of Nasty Canasta and Jonny Porkpie, an array of educational and sexy burlesque beauties teach you a few shimmies to try at home." more press »
Pinchbottom Burlesque
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