Welcome to a dark future where burlesque is forbidden on all civilized worlds. After years of searching the galaxy, Rogue Starship Captain Jonny Porkpie and his attractive band of space rebels have located the exiled Burlesque Queen. But can the captain and his scantily-clad crew shake and shimmy well enough to prove themselves worthy of a scintillating alliance that will restore the balance of sexiness to the universe?


2006 was a difficult time for lovers of science fiction. Five years after our space program failed to deliver the psychotic computers promised in 2001, there seemed no possibility of ever seeing of another good Star Wars movie; geeks still reeled from the second loss of their beloved Firefly; Enterprise, always disappointing, was now also cancelled, leaving the airwaves devoid of new Trek for the first time in twenty years; the revamped Doctor Who had not been seen in America by any but the most hardcore torrenters.

But in those dark days, one upstart band of geeky stripteasers called Pinchbottom brought a new hope, taking a risk no other burlesque show at the time dared take: they spliced their love of Science Fiction to their love of taking off clothes. Back when the sci-fi reference acts needed to be dug out of the back of the closet, and when you couldn't get a geek to come to a burlesque show if you paid him in vintage action figures, these risqué rebels launched bump and grind into the great beyond with Pinchbottom's NAKED PLANET.

Seven years later, we find ourselves in a golden age for fans of the genre. What better time for Pinchbottom's classic Science Fiction parody to return to the stage? Starring Pinchbottom co-creator "Space Captain" Jonny Porkpie, joined on the bridge by BB Heart, Anita Cookie & Scott Rayow, Jenny C'est Quoi, Deity Delgado, Matt Knife & Teddy Turnaround, Fem Appeal, Nerdcore rapper Schaffer the Darklord, Sound Effect-or Zero Boy, stage kitten Bunny Buxom, and very special guest Jo "Boobs" Weldon!

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Pinchbottom Burlesque
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