P.I.N.C.H. Squad

Things are definitely not groovy in Disco City, where a down and dirty Crime Boss runs an illicit burlesque and counterfeiting ring with a satin-gloved fist. There’s just one hope for this jive town: Funkadelic policeman Jonny Porkpie and the far-out detectives of P.I.N.C.H. SQUAD. Can you dig it? Pinchbottom travels back in time to the sexy seventies to follow the officers of the “Police Investigative Narcotics, Counterfeiting & Hootchy-kootch Squad” as they try to bring down the bad guys in a world gone mad. Will the polyester-clad Fuzz solve the mystery of who stole the decade’s fashion sense? You’ve never been happier to see clothes come off than in P.I.N.C.H. SQUAD, 70s Cop Show Burlesque.