Mob Jews

The women of the Kosher Nostra.

Prohibition! Jewish siblings The Zhlepsky Sisters decide they want a bisl (piece) of the action and open a speakeasy… in an abandoned mortuary… disguised as a pickle shop. Their burlesque-infused farborgn shenk (hidden pub) runs like a pickled dream until the local Mafia, the Tortelli Triplets (all two of them) demand a piece of the profits, and they all end up in a tsuris (trouble)-filled turf war which will leave some dead, some drunk, some dead drunk, and most everyone naked. Meet the whole messugah mespucha (crazy family) in this batamte (delicious) tale of banned-from-the-Borscht-Belt comedians, feygella showboys, intoxicated G-Women, goyishe gangsters, and (of course) Mob Jews — as you journey into the ungepatshke (overdone) underworld of oy-ganized crime.

Pinchbottom and The Schlep Sisters join forces for a two-night world-premiere workshop event! This new scripted theatrical burlesque by Jonny Porkpie delves deep into the world of female Jewish mobsters. The all-star cast features Angie Pontani, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Fancy Feast, Jonny Porkpie, The Maine Attraction, Minnie Tonka, Mr. Gorgeous, Patrick Davis.