Filthy Lucre: A Burlesque Christmas Carol

Marley was nude, to begin with….

Charles Dickens immortal classic finally drops its knickers and gets down to business. According to Jonny Porkpie, who plays Marley’s Ghost and adapted the story for the burlesque stage, the Pinchbottom version will not stray far from the original text. “Other than changing the Scrooge character to a woman, his counting house to a strip club, and adding nudity every few minutes”–he said–“the show will be completely faithful to Dickens.”
“I mean, in its own way,” Porkpie clarified. “Perhaps it might be more accurate to say that the show and Dickens will have an open relationship.”
“Even Mr. Durang doesn’t dismember Dickens as much as the clothing-optional folks at Pinchbottom do in “Filthy Lucre: A Burlesque Christmas Carol” …Perhaps the loveliest and certainly the nudest Scrooge in history, aided by the ghosts of burlesque past, present and future, considers whether she has a higher calling than running a mere strip club. Perhaps this “Christmas Carol” isn’t the best choice for the kiddies.” –The New York Times