EAT ME burlesque cooking show
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When culinary cutie Nasty Canasta & gastronomist Jonny Porkpie, hosts of the EAT ME burlesque cooking show, spice up their recipes with tassel-twirling celebrity guest chefs, they end up with a sizzling platter that's more than they bargained for: a mix of delicious food, beautiful people, salacious burlesque performances, and a dash of cumin. An important part of a balanced burlesque diet, this show includes tasty (but not necessarily tasteful) acts celebrating cheez whiz, bacon & eggs, fondue, foot-long hot dogs, breakfast cereal, grade A meat, and more... and just wait until you see what we've got for dessert!

"Sizzling burlesque cooking show with culinary cuties and gastro girls! girls! girls! Spice. It. Up." more press »
Pinchbottom Burlesque
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