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When Nasty Canasta and Jonny Porkpie try to mount "Pinchy's First Non-Denominational Holiday Enjoyment Fest," a Pinchbottom burlesque holiday special, who should come knocking at the door but Mr. Angel of Death? And, given that he's been force-fed holiday cheer for over a month, this Grim Reaper is even grimmer than usual. So when Nasty and Jonny invite their family and friends to perform in the show, none of them will make it out alive. Indulge your murderous holiday rage in an evening of necrophilic burlesque that can only be described as "dead sexy".

"This time, Pinchbottom’s themed burlesque throws itself into the holly bushes (dirty!) with an anti-Christmas orgy." more press »
Pinchbottom Burlesque
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