On a mission to the past to save the future, Commander of the 14th Interdimensional Squadron BETTY TIMELY searches through human history to rediscover the lost art of “burlesque” — the only thing that can overload the circuits of the Earth-invading Cyborian Cyborgs of Cyborgius 6 and bring victory for the human race. With the help of acclaimed scientist Doctor Professor Danton Von Calculus Placebo-Effect, and a caveman she picks up in the Stone Age, brave Betty Timely embarks on a dangerous, exciting, unclad, all-era-encompassing quest to uncover the “Strip-tease” that will save her world.

It’s the show YOU picked! And on August 14, you saw the world premiere of YOUR PICK for a brand-new classic B-Movie…


Here’s how it happened: In his autobiography, legendary B-Movie director Roger Corman claimed he based his films on his posters… He would create several promo images, and whichever the public liked best, that was the movie he made.

To celebrate B-Movies, Pinchbottom (in classic B-Movie style) stole his idea. Here’s the deal:

* On a sweaty day in July, producers Jonny Porkpie and Legs Malone were photographed by the amazing David Byrd, in poses reminiscent of several different B-Movie tropes. 

* One week later, Porkpie turned those photos into four different B-Movie posters, each in the style of a different era of the genre. 


* This is where YOU came in: you voted for which of the four posters would become the next Pinchbottom show… a tie on the first vote necessitated a run-off… but the final winner was… TIME-STRIP! 

* Porkpie now had just 4 days to write a brand-new Pinchbottom script based on the most popular poster…

*  And when he did, everyone in the cast had one week to develop (mostly) new numbers to fit the show, rehearse, and memorize their lines before the show debuted on August 14 at Coney Island USA.

Pinchbottom Attacks B-MOVIES! is the 3rd in Pinchbottom’s Summer Movies Series, which began in June with the burlesque theater company’s take on Contemporary Summer Superhero Blockbusters. In July, another brand-new script brought audiences back 100 years into the Golden Age of Silent Films. Pinchbottom’s tribute to B-Movies will close out the series, debuting August 14 at 10pm at Coney Island USA with an encore presentation August 16 at 8:00pm in Times Square, in a madcap show starring  Jonny Porkpie, Jo “Boobs” Weldon, and Legs Malone and featuring Bastard Keith, Bombazeen Bean, Jeez Loueez (St. Louis), Hard Corey, MiSsa Blue (UK), Patrick Davis, Sizzle Dizzle, and more.