Tragedy strikes a small town when beloved Coach Pinchy is fatally killed in a deadly accident. So it’s up to the Assistant Coaches to whip an all-burlesque-star team into fighting shape in time to win the coveted Gold Trophy Cup Award Prize at the biggest athletic event of the year: the SportsLympics. And they’ll do it… for Coach Pinchy. Time to score! It’s the bottom of the 4th down, and Pinchbottom is on the ropes with the bases loaded and the tally 40-love. Can the home team birdie the goal from the foul line to slam-dunk the match, or will they stumble into the net on the final lap? You’ve never seen sports action quite like the action you’ll see in Pinchbottom’s BALLS! Sporty Burlesque. It’s a whole nude ballgame! It’s not about whether you win. It’s about how you lose… your clothes.