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Nasty Canasta & Jonny Porkpie in Las Vegas
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Photo by Evil Petting Ron

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(Burlesque stars will contemplate fans, alcohol, and self-righteous jerks in tights)

Hot off the success of the sold-out Blasphemy! and Naked Planet Sci-Fi Burlesque shows, Pinchbottom's Sub:Conscious barrels into summer with three all-new themed burlesque shows at Collective:Unconscious.


MY BIGGEST FAN Hot Hot Cooling Burlesque | Friday, June 16 at 10pm
Summer starts early when hosts NASTY CANASTA and JONNY PORKPIE, along with burlesque stars DIRTY MARTINI, DELIRIUM TREMENS, JO BOOBS, LITTLE BROOKLYN, LUKKI, RUBY VALENTINE, SCARLET SINCLAIR, VERONIKA SWEET, BELLE-MORTE BAUDELAIRE, and magician ALBERT CADABRA kick off the season with a live demonstration of Pinchbottom's patented 3-step method of beating the heat through the magic of burlesque. Step 1: Get a fan (or two). Step 2: Perform a coquettish yet alluring dance. Step 3: Remove your clothes. MY BIGGEST FAN: the hottest way to cool down this summer.

PINCHBOTTOM'S DRINKING PROBLEM A Burlesque Intervention | Friday, July 21 at 10pm
Hosts NASTY CANASTA and JONNY PORKPIE haven't been hitting the bottle enough lately, much to the chagrin of some of their closest friends -- ANITA COOKIE, BAMBI THE MERMAID, CLAMS CASINO, HARVEST MOON, NELSON LUGO, ROSE WOOD, SCOTTY THE BLUE BUNNY, and TIGGER. But how can these burlesque and variety stars convince Nasty and Jonny to jump off the wagon? In the best possible way: by taking off their clothes in a sultry series of anti-temperance temptations. PINCHBOTTOM'S DRINKING PROBLEM: the perfect start to your lost weekend.

POW! ZAP! BOOB! Super-Powered Burlesque | Friday, August 18 at 10pm
When hosts NASTY CANASTA and JONNY PORKPIE are bitten by a radioactive spider as they rocket from their exploding home planet, a bat flies through the window of their ship, exposing them to cosmic rays which activate their latent mutant abilities. Confused by the ludicrous mix of powers they receive, Nasty and Jonny turn to evil and set out to conquer the world. Can superpowered performances by CREAMY STEVENS, HARVEST MOON, PEEKABOO POINTE, BASTARD KEITH, NAUGHTIA NICE, SCHAFFER THE DARKLORD (AND MORE!) bring down the villainous hosts? Or will our burlesque heroes be defeated by the dangerously sexy ULTIMATE STRIPTEASE WEAPON? The summer blockbusters will have come and gone from your local cinema, but never fear... Pinchbottom will bring new meaning to the phrase "tentpole release" with POW! ZAP! BOOB! Super-Powered Burlesque.

Collective:Unconscious presents
Pinchbottom's Sub:Conscious SUMMER SEASON
Fridays: June 16, July 21, August 18 @ 10pm
Collective:Unconscious, 279 Church Street, TriBeCa
Admission: $10 | Beer and wine bar | Advance tickets available at
Hosted by Nasty Canasta and Jonny Porkpie, Starring Albert Cadabra, Anita Cookie, Bambi the Mermaid, Bastard Keith, Belle-Morte Baudelaire, Clams Casino, Creamy Stevens, Dirty Martini, Delirium Tremens, Harvest Moon, Jo Boobs, Little Brooklyn, Lukki, Naughtia Nice, Nelson Lugo, Peekaboo Pointe, Rose Wood, Ruby Valentine, Scarlet Sinclair, Schaffer the Darklord, Scotty the Blue Bunny, Tigger, Veronika Sweet, Made possible, in part, by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council with generous support of The September 11th Fund

NASTY CANASTA & JONNY PORKPIE should probably not be described at the Lunt-Fontannes of the New York Burlesque scene, although they do perform together with alarming frequency. Their ecdysiastical duets and acclaimed puppet burlesque acts have appeared at The Slipper Room, RiFiFi, Galapagos Artspace, Le Scandal, Show, Southpaw, HERE, and The New York Burlesque Festival, as well as with Punch! Puppetry Cabaret, Drama of Works, Slutty Puppets, and more. Nasty Canasta is a winner of a 2005 NY Burlesque Festival award for "Hottest Freshman."

a 4Panel Production