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Nasty Canasta & Jonny Porkpie in Las Vegas
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Summer Season Kicks Off With FANS

Summer starts early with MY BIGGEST FAN hot hot cooling burlesque, when hosts NASTY CANASTA and JONNY PORKPIE, along with burlesque stars DIRTY MARTINI, DELIRIUM TREMENS, JO BOOBS, LITTLE BROOKLYN, LUKKI, RUBY VALENTINE, SCARLET SINCLAIR, VERONIKA SWEET, BELLE-MORTE BAUDELAIRE, and magician ALBERT CADABRA kick off the season with a live demonstration of Pinchbottom's patented 3-step method of beating the heat through the magic of burlesque. Step 1: Get a fan (or two). Step 2: Perform a coquettish yet alluring dance. Step 3: Take off your clothes.

Says Pinchbottom: "To me, fan dances have always raised the question: how can people use an object so cooling to make performances so hot? I'll be watching every act in this show very carefully to see if I can discover the secret... why not join me?"

MY BIGGEST FAN is filled with fabulous classical fan dances and some modern twists of the wrist, including BRAND NEW NUMBERS from Jo Boobs, Scarlet Sinclair, and Nasty Canasta, RARELY SEEN GEMS by Little Brooklyn, Lukki, and Albert Cadabra, and FAN FAVORITES from Dirty Martini, Delirium Tremens, Ruby Valentine, Veronika Sweet, and Belle-Morte Baudelaire. MY BIGGEST FAN: the hottest way to cool down this summer.

Collective:Unconscious presents Pinchbottom's Sub:Conscious
MY BIGGEST FAN Hot Hot Cooling Burlesque
Friday, June 16th @ 10pm | Collective:Unconscious, 279 Church Street, TriBeCa
Admission: $10 | Advance tickets available on | Beer & Wine Bar
Hosted by Nasty Canasta and Jonny Porkpie, Starring Dirty Martini, Delirium Tremens, Jo Boobs, Little Brooklyn, Lukki, Ruby Valentine, Scarlet Sinclair, Veronika Sweet, Belle-Morte Baudelaire, and magician Albert Cadabra | Made possible, in part, by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council with generous support of The September 11th Fund

Pinchbottom is where burlesque meets downtown theater, buys it a drink, and takes it to bed. Pinchbottom produces monthly themed burlesque shows at Collective:Unconscious, including the sold-out BLASPHEMY! and NAKED PLANET Sci-Fi Burlesque shows. It is a subsidiary of 4Panel Productions, producer of the TheaterSounds Hudson Valley Playreading Series, and co-producer of puppet theater powerhouse Tiny Ninja Theater.

Hosts NASTY CANASTA & JONNY PORKPIE should probably not be described at the Lunt-Fontannes of the New York Burlesque scene, although they do perform together with alarming frequency. Their ecdysiastical duets and acclaimed puppet burlesque acts have appeared at The Slipper Room, RiFiFi, Galapagos Artspace, Le Scandal, Show, Southpaw, HERE, Coney Island Burlesque at the Beach, and The New York Burlesque Festival, as well as with Punch! Puppetry Cabaret, Drama of Works, Slutty Puppets, and more. Nasty Canasta is a winner of a 2005 NY Burlesque Fest award for "Hottest Freshman".

a 4Panel Production