October 26, 2012
How do you make the most sexist action character of them all the centerpiece of a burlesque show and still make it sexy? Easy. You make James Bond a girl, you refer to him as a guy, and you write an awesome and funny script...As far as the sexy dancing goes, the performers are really, really good. From honest-to-goodness acrobatics, to traditional shimmying and shaking, to hilarious slow-motion fight-scenes, this is the kind of thing that reminds you why you go see live entertainment...If you have a sense of humor about sex, Bond, and yourself, catch this show if you can. In terms of a cute, sexy, self-aware, talent-filled burlesque show, nobody does it better than this. Full Review

Time Out New York
October 25, 2012
Critic's Pick! "Burlesque and James Bond--they go together like vodka and vermouth. Jonny Porkpie and his Pinchbottom cohorts (including Jo "Boobs" Weldon and Tigger!) are reviving their Bond parody just ahead of the release of the new 007 flick, Skyfall. Expect an all-star complement of burly-Q guys and gals in the show's bumpin' and grindin' cast."
December 12, 2009
"A retelling of Dickens' Christmas Carol... Instead of running an investment firm, this Scrooge (played by Nasty Canasta) runs a divvy strip club--and is visited on Christmas Eve by the ghosts of Burlesque Past, Present & Future. Not for the family or the faint of heart, Filthy Lucre is amusing for anyone yearning for some holiday themed strip tease or fans of lots of Dickensian innuendos. Nowhere else in New York can you hear Tiny Tim exclaim: "Undress us, everyone!"" - James C. Taylor Full Article

The New York Times
December 10, 2009
"Even Mr. Durang, though, doesn't dismember Dickens as much as the clothing-optional folks at Pinchbottom do in "Filthy Lucre: A Burlesque Christmas Carol" at Walkerspace in TriBeCa... perhaps the loveliest and certainly the nudest Scrooge in history, aided by the ghosts of burlesque past, present and future, considers whether she has a higher calling than running a mere strip club. Perhaps this "Christmas Carol" isn't the best choice for the kiddies." Full Article

NBC New York
November 27, 2009
"Clue" goes cabaret at this throwbacky, tassel-twirling downtown hybrid By ELIZABETH BOUGEROL * "Burlesque Mayor of New York City" Jonny Porkpie has penned a novel, and not just any novel -- a lurid, tongue-in-cheek pulp tale set in the world of burlesque, titled "The Corpse Wore Pasties", out a couple of days ago from cult indie imprint Hard Case Crime... Even better? Saturday night's "LURID PULP!", an interactive-murder-mystery-book-release-party-burlesque-show, based on the novel, at the Bleecker Street Theatre. The plot is all very meta: On the eve of the book's publication, a burlesque book party celebration is in full swing -- until the show's performers get their first look at the tome and recognize disturbing similarities between themselves and the book's characters. Naturally, sordidness ensues: Tempers flare, bodices rip, and Porkpie ends up dead... The murder mystery show includes all the striptease numbers described in the book performed live, including by the book's two cover models. This, people, is why you live in New York City. Link

November 17, 2009
Burlesque performer Jonny Porkpie wrote the pulp tome ["The Corpse Wore Pasties"] and the book will be feted at the fetid Bleecker Street Theatre on November 21 and 28 with a stage presentation of "Corpse"'s plot performed by burlesque hoofers... When is the last time you saw one of your favorite storybooks enacted on stage? And was there almost-nudity in "Shrek On Ice"? No there wasn't.
July 29, 2009
Burlesque is generally not what one would consider a highbrow art form. But imagine if it were. In Pretençión, Pinchbottom's latest theatrical burlesque being presented as part of the undergroundzero festival, burlesque impresario Jonny Porkpie imagines a world where burlesque is every bit as pretentious as Cirque du Soleil (not that they are ever mentioned by name).... Porkpie has spun a cute tale with just enough plot to make the show interesting, but not so much as to weigh it down. With a lewd wink and a sly nod, he makes fun of everything, himself included, and makes sure the audience has a good time. -Review by Byrne Harrison Original Post

New York Press
July 17, 2009
The art of making fun of yourself is always appreciated, and, if you do it well, even better. Given the nature of burlesque, this type of performance comes with all sorts of stipulations and reservations. So, delving into irony and true camp enter--Pinchbottom's Pretençión... Be prepared to hear a hilarious (and dirty) version of a Willie Wonka song, see some prime stripping action, and get slightly annoyed at the exaggerated movements. It takes a solid crew of characters to lay the cards on the table and Pinchbotom does it well. Remember, you are allowed to laugh at the exaggerated skits, butt wiggles, and wardrobe malfunction. In fact, that's exactly what they want. -Linnea Covington Original post

Burlesque Magazine
July 16, 2009
"Cirque du Soleil's spectacular but wilfully obtuse style is overripe for parody, and who better to poke fun than New York's masters of theater-burlesque fusion, Pinchbottom. PRETENÇIÓN features vibrant individual performances from each member of the main cast and the four guest stars. As with Cirque du Soleil, the acts are framed by a themed narrative. The theme? The lost art of pretension - and that's pronounced "pree-ton-see-on", if you please... Linking up a series of individual burlesque acts to form a grand narrative is a tough ask, especially when said acts are diverse in theme and different every night. PRETENÇIÓN's segues are indeed tenuous, but that's part of the fun - the show's approach is so joyously silly and self-mocking that it doesn't really matter. Simply sit back, marvel at the slick, perfectly crafted individual performances, and nod wisely in that mystical Cirque du Soleil way." Full review

July 13, 2009
TODAY'S BEST BETS The most imaginative (and funniest) burlesque troupe in the city. Their shows take oddball themes (sci-fi, superhero, cowboy) that are then sculpted into a show that's equal parts sexy and funny (or, sometimes, more so on the latter).
May 8, 2009
Liz Gorinsky interviews Pinchbottom for It was almost as if Pinchbottom had read my mind, combined two of my favorite things, and built the show I'd been waiting for my whole life. But how could it possibly live up to such high expectations? Shockingly, this "themed burlesque entertainment"--which turns out to mean a full-length comedic play in which performers take their clothes off in every other scene--did all that and more. In the three years since then, Pinchbottom has produced nearly thirty excellent shows, some explicitly geeky in theme (comic books! Indiana Jones!) and others that are geeky takes on "normal" topics (French circus farce! sex!). If you're not impressed yet, consider the fact that Pinchbottom has staged a new full-length show--which means a script, publicity, costumes, rehearsals, and production design--approximately ten months out of every year for the past three years. It would make the most hardened Off-Broadway producer faint. full interview

Theater Journal Volume 60, Number 4, December 2008 (Johns Hopkins University Press)
February 12, 2009
The sine qua non of neo-burlesque exists in the liminal space between performer and audience, between whom there is a complicit, dialogic exchange, one inherent to the genre's success and steeped in a gestural nod to the ironic recalling of nostalgic burlesque performance from the 1930s to the 1950s... Pinchbottom, with its monthly, themed revues, gives tongue-in-cheek structure to the neo-burlesque scene in New York City... a burlesque spin on the Marxes' Duck Soup mirror scene marked the highlight of such parodic references, as the three hosts laced striptease into the physical humor of the jest--a wholly balanced scene, smart and well-timed. ...plays against, over, and through the borders of its own genre, stretching the style with wit, cynicism, and parody--along with sexuality. more

The New York Times
December 19, 2008

Boston Magazine
November 3, 2008
While I've always considered a good meal to be a fine form of entertainment, I've never been a big fan of food-with-entertainment. (See: dinner cruises.) That said, last week I was pleasantly--nay, wildly--entertained by a Tuesday night show at the Beehive. NYC's Pinchbottom Burlesque brought a Halloween-themed act to town, and the night was a far cry from any dinner theater I'd ever seen.

August 24, 2008
With its velvet curtains and roopes, Absinthe cocktails, succulent victuals and sharply-dressed, sexy crowd, The Beehive in Boston's South End was made for burlesque! And with the help of New York's famed Pinchbottom Burlesque, they brought it! Hosted by Jonny Porkpie, the would-be Burleque President of the World, the lovely ladies of Pinchbottom boldly went where few (if any) in Boston had gone (or come) before- armed (and legged) with only some very well placed cover-ups and their mad seductive skills. To a soundtrack that ranged from Neil Diamond to Stephen Sondheim and Carly Simon to Digital Underground (interspersed with some stacks of wax from the 70s during the intermissions), the PB crew paid tribute to our military, put the "love" back in tennis, demonstrated world champion tit-twirling techniques, and generally showed off in a way that allowed the standing-room crowd to get to know them...intimately. The crowd got so into the show, in fact, that many could not help but dance and gyrate along. Unfortunately, there were only so many patriotic pasties to go around...this time.
August 5, 2008
With Boston's wealth of burlesque, you need a pretty good reason to catch a troupe from out of town. NYC's Pinchbottom Burlesque might offer one: The group performs a hybrid of theater and burlesque, in which every show has a theme and every theme has a plot and a few characters.
July 24, 2008
Spectacle takes top billing with political analysis and comedy as co-stars. Pinchbottom Declares War is burlesque in both the naked-dancers way as well as the first dictionary definition, "an artistic composition, esp. literary or dramatic, that, for the sake of laughter, vulgarizes lofty material." Their sendup of the current political situation doesn't cover new ground, but familiar complaints explode until they're fresh again. Pinchbottom begins with the president and his advisors finding out that "weapons of ass-destruction" are being stockpiled in the Flea Theater in SoHo by the dreaded Pinchbottom terrorist organization. Using a trial version of Google Earth, the US government plans to invades Manhattan and antics ensue. Jonny Porkpie plays the president with passion, Anita Cookie is terrific as the dimwitted drunken socialite soldier modeled on Jenna Bush, and Tigger! shows amazing range playing characters of both genders. The show's best moments go way, way beyond what's appropriate (like what that Dirty Martini can do with good clean American money--go see it if you want to know what I mean) and at the end the company inverts the striptease genre until it hits home that no matter how comfortable it is to ridicule the war from the safety of our apartments, today's political situation has unavoidable consequences. Full Article
Charlie Jane Anders • March 7, 2008
We're pretty sure there was never an episode of Doctor Who in the 1970s where Leela, the barbarian warrior, pulls out her giant knife and slices the Doctor's clothes off... and the Doctor turns out to be a woman. And then Leela loses her jungle bikini and they both end up wearing nothing but panties and the Doctor's scarf. The only place you can see that scenario play out is at a burlesque show like the Pinchbottom Burlesque, which is taking the love of science fiction to a whole new level. full article
Rodney Bolt • February 11, 2008
The Big Apple with sauce on the side
Vaudeville's naughty cousin is back - and nowhere is it more popular than in New York. Rodney Bolt enjoys an evening of irony and titillation.

...A dancer drops the last stitch of clothing to reveal, not what one might expect, but a moustachioed Groucho Marx mask. In New York burlesque is back - but with a difference....

My friend Dora - about as deep a denizen of Manhattan as you can get - took me along to two of the best nights in town. Pinchbottom Burlesque offers shows that change monthly, at Collective: Unconcious in Tribeca on the Lower West Side. Tribeca (the Triangle Below Canal Street), once derelict and neglected, has over the past few years become a hotbed of restaurants and hip clubs. "This part of town is just so transformed," said Dora, as our taxi deposited us at the hole-in-a-wall entrance to Collective: Unconcious...

The lights dimmed, manic movie music began, and we were off. Jonny Porkpie and Nasty Canasta stepped on stage to host the show - a Marx Brothers send-up, loosely following a storyline about saving an ailing theatre by turning it into a bawdy-house. Along the way came risqué magic tricks, a peek-a-boo performance by a tattooed lady, many a cheeky flash from male and female performers alike, the odd nostalgic burlesque routine, and the hint of a lesbian sub-plot.

It was daring, funny, imaginative and titillating to all tastes - and, at $15 a ticket, about as good entertainment value as you can get in New York City. full article

The Village Voice
Angela Ashman • September 19, 2007
VOICE CHOICE Spread 'Em, Bitch Crime Fighting Hotties: Charlie's Angels, Starsky & Hutch, and Police Woman were all classic cop shows of the '70s, but to the creators of Pinchbottom Burlesque, they all lacked one vital detail: nudity. Now the best burlesque show in town seeks to ratify that with its new crime-fighting caper P.I.N.C.H. Squad (Police Investigative Narcotics, Counterfeiting, and Hootchy-kootch). Set in Disco City, the story follows the funkadelic policeman Jonny Porkpie and his team of sexy detectives on a mission to stop the roller-skating crime boss and her illicit burlesque and counterfeiting ring... Undoubtedly, strip searches will be a recurrent theme.

New York Magazine
March 12, 2007
BEST OF NEW YORK: BEST BURLESQUE "In its most classic sense, burlesque should incorporate three elements: striptease, dancing, and ribald comedy. Of the many acts that grace New York stages right now --from the deliciously twisted and avant-garde to one-girl-after-another revues--Pinchbottom Burlesque follows the model to a note. It's sexy, campy fun with just an insinuation of nudity (thanks, in part, to creative costuming). But this is hardly the same old song and fan dance. Each month, [they] script a new show featuring many of the city's top performers, whose betasseled numbers leave enough to the imagination to make for an uproarious evening."

Time Out New York
"New Dork City" • August 24, 2006
"Your perverted genre fantasies have come shimmying to life. The dancers served up a sci-fi theme this past spring (boobified Godzilla, we won't forget you), and Porkpie promises "more geek-tastic burlesque" in the next six months, including nights devoted to superheroes, cooking shows (!) and, coinciding with the release of Casino Royale, James Bond. Here's looking forward to Octopussy...."

The Village Voice
Ashman • August 22, 2006
A VOICE CHOICE "Superman, Batman, and the rest of the Justice League, watch out! A new disturbing breed of superhero has arrived downtown with special X-ray--correction: X-rated--powers. Pinchbottom's Burlesque presents Pow! Zap! Boob!, a themed burlesque show featuring the ultimate in super-powered striptease and variety acts. Hosts Nasty Canasta and Jonny Porkpie, with their wicked senses of humor, play the evil villains who must be stopped from taking over the world. It's doubtful you'll ever see these comic-book champs the same way again. Find out what top-secret "ultimate striptease weapon" saves the world."
Richard Hinojosa • July 1, 2006
"It's all part of the fun," my companion said to me after I commented that I felt a little weird about getting caught up in the howling and ogling of the stripping women. He was right; it was fun. Pinchbottom's Sub-Conscious: Naked Planet is one of those shows that's pure camp and you'll forget about it the moment you walk out the door but while you're there you are undeniably theirs.

And it's not just girls gettin' semi-naked--it's a cabaret with short comic sketches for segues between acts and a couple of strange yet hilarious stand-up comedians (if you can even call them stand-up comedians). Comedy and partial nudity go remarkably well together. Where else can you hoot, whistle, and bust a gut laughing? I usually feel uncomfortable about being teased by strippers, but in this format I didn't feel so much like I was sitting in a crowd of men with one hand in their pocket. In fact, being in the crowd was half the fun.

This particular installment of the Pinchbottom show is all sci-fi themed. Jonny Porkpie co-hosts as a sparkly-codpiece-wearing Captain Kirk rip-off. The fabulous Nasty Canasta is the other host and plays the beautiful Queen of the Naked Planet. Porkpie's spaceship arrives at the Naked Planet where the official language is "spinning tittie sign language." Luckily they have an interpreter. These are the jokes, folks, and they go on and on, well into ad nauseam, but that's all part of the campy fun. There's a storyline that leads into each act but quite honestly I didn't really follow it and I don't think that I was supposed to. It's loosely based on just about any Star Trek episode where Ensign Nobody is sent down to the planet, but instead of getting killed they strip.

The performers are all extremely entertaining. Miss Firecracker does a Darth Vader strip tease to AC/DC's "Back in Black" where she removes just about everything but her Darth Vader mask. Gigi Lafemme does a Princess Leia where she uses Leia's classic cinnamon bun hairdo to cover her breasts. You get the picture. My absolute favorite strip artist is the cute-as-can-be Anita Cookie. Her music didn't burn to the disk she gave the sound guy so she improvised a tease to Barry Manilow doing the theme song to Buck Rogers. (I never realized that Barry Manilow had done anything sci-fi.) She pulled this strip off...well...much like her clothes--with erotic grace and skill. And she was hilarious on top of that playing a Star Trek Officer that's a little drunk on an away mission.

The comedians, Schaffer the Darklord and Zero Boy, offer a hysterical break from the stripping. Schaffer the Darklord enters wearing a Sith Lord robe and proceeds to bust with a rap about having sex with large groups of his own clones. Schaffer is a scream. Zero Boy is a performance art network staple who does a bit where he uses his extraordinarily versatile vocal cords to produces sounds and noises that tell a story. He uses very few, if any, words and is always funny, naughty and somewhat poignant.

Pinchbottom's Sub-Conscious will not likely return in this format. The theme changes every time. The next installment is Pinchbottom's Drinking Problem: A Burlesque Intervention. I'm sure that one will be as fun and campy as this one, but I for one will miss all the Intergalactic Space Jokes.

Also Featured In
January 1, 2006
FlavorPill - "Burlesque collective Pinchbottom re-imagines Dickens' classic tale with a bit more spice. This sexy update remains faithful to the original text while tweaking a few details. For one, Scrooge is now a woman who runs a strip club and, accordingly, there's a lot more nudity." "For those recovering from disastrous Valentine's Day intimacies, and wanting some helpful hints for next year, the Pinchbottom Institute offers guidance on naughty activities. An array of educational and sexy burlesque beauties teach you a few shimmies to try at home." "Tonight the Pinchbottom crew updates (and undresses) the innocent slumber party. Pack your sleeping bag and jammies, and join Julie Atlas Muz, World Famous *BOB*, Bunny Love, and others for a sleepover full of truth or dare, pillow fights, movies, and high-class burlesque." The Boston Globe - "This we have to see: The Pinchbottom Burlesque is planning a burlesque retelling of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven'' at the Beehive's Halloween bash Tuesday." "Burlesque with a plot? With a script? That's what the Pinchbottom Burlesque has been doing since 2004, with a range of shows with titles like '...and the Horse You Rode in On' and 'Creeping Xmas Death.'" Time Out New York - "Cleverly themed burlesque dreams of the Great White Way--kick line, chorus girls, catsuits and all. Their meticulous homage even includes Broadway Style Pricing, which allows audience members to pay exorbitant prices, just like the fancy folks uptown." - "Pinchbottom's Burlesque has made quite a name with theme-based shows that serve up substance with striptease." Edge - "By this point in time, everyone from Mr. Magoo to Jim Carrey has done their take on the immortal Charles Dickens classic in which a male miser goes from humbug to hero. This time around, though, Scrooge is a chick, the counting house is a strip club, and the stage is filled with more boobs and penises than you can shake your stick at! Alternative theater/burlesque legends Nasty Canasta and Jonny Porkpie star as Scrooge and Marley's Ghost - emoting lines from an adaptation by Mr. Porkpie." TriBeCa Citizen - "I recently announced that I could happily never go anywhere near a certain Charles Dickens work, or variations thereof. I so take it back. Pinchbottom's Filthy Lucre: A Burlesque Christmas Carol (right) runs Dec. 2-13 at Walkerspace" - "Those folks from the Beehive are at it again - bringing back the ever popular and always bawdy Pinchbottom Burlesque troupe for a little Halloween fun. Celebrate this naughty holiday a bit early on Tuesday, October 27th when those mavens of raunchiness present the Boudoir of Horrors - where else can you see a burlesque retelling of Edgar Allen Poe's classic ode to spooky avian, The Raven?" New York Press - "Zippers Not Neccessary: Performers Still Naked In a disgustingly punny twist of fate, the closure of the Zipper Factory (reported earlier today) won't affect this weekend's performance of Pinchbottom Burlesque's Murder Most Naked, as it was just picked up by The Bleecker Street Theater at 45 Bleecker. The company is thought to be some of the "best burlesque in New York." - "It does not happen often that a burlesque performer risks curbing the flock of nude bodies, lingerie and naughty accessories, and pushes them towards an upper artistic conscious by imposing a plot. But that is what happens in Pinchbottom shows. Two extravagant savants of the burlesque world undertake the barely-doable task of coordinating a bunch of amazing performers and impose an original theme for each session." Asbury Park Press - "Nudity and art have had a curious relationship for years, something Pinchbottom Burlesque's Jonny Porkpie is very much aware of." Next Magazine - "Cirque du Burlesque: Enter a world of mystery, imagination and sexy un-sophistication as Pinchbottom gets in bed with Spiegelworld for a circus of loony lustiness. Erotic acrobats, randy ringmasters and uncouth clowns join burlesque darlings for a spankingly delicious night of dazzle and dare." "HAT TRICK: Pinchbottom's salacious Indiana Jones send-up features a burlesque blockbuster centering on a deep legend, an evil Baron and boobs powerful enough to cast a dark shadow on all of mankind. A titillating trip into perverted action fantasy." "Tantalizing ode to the Marx Brothers through a variety of striptease acts and bawdy burlesque. Join in on the deliciously perverse, glittering fantasy..." - "Recently voted Best of New York by New York Mag, Pinchbottom Burlesque is campy, hilarious and sexy. There's a new show every month, and the creators have endless imagination!" Eros Zine - If you missed Pinchbottom Burlesque's dastardly tale of international nautrigue -- that would be You Only Pinch Twice, the riveting story of an evil cartel's attempt to hypnotize the populace into submission using the twirling tassels of bazoombaed chippies -- you've only yourself to blame, couch potato! ... [an] Aristotelian morality play in bumps 'n' grinds!" Village Voice - "VOICE CHOICE: VERY SPECIAL AGENTS A show that's licensed to be naughty. Daniel Craig may be a fine James Bond, but we have higher hopes for burlesque cutie Nasty Canasta's portrayal of secret agent 007 in Pinchbottom's perverted spoof You Only Pinch Twice." Daily Candy - "Sizzling burlesque cooking show with culinary cuties and gastro girls! girls! girls! Spice. It. Up." The L Magazine - "Honestly, we don't have any idea what a burlesque cooking show entails, and it makes us super uncomfortable." Gawker - "Good Friday is for suckas. Collective:Unconscious presents Pinchbottom's Sub:Conscious, a new monthly burlesque show (as there weren't enough monthly burlesque shows crowding Manhattan). This week's theme, just in time for the holidays: blasphemy." Manhattan Users Guide - "Bumping and grinding is back on Church Street. A new burlesque series debuts this Friday, 10pm at Collective: Unconscious, and every third Friday of the month after that. The new company, perfectly named Pinchbottom, will book monthly acts around a theme - first up is 'Blasphemy.'"

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