Naughtia Nice
Naughtia Nice is the only person besides Jonny Porkpie and Nasty Canasta to have appeared in every monthly episode of Pinchbottom from April 2006 to July 2009. When not dressed in her angel wings and underwear, Naughtia is involved with many a legit theatrical project, as an actor, director, and playwright. In fact, she even has an MFA in Acting from Florida State's Asolo Conservatory. She is a regular contributor to the taxdeductable theater company's DARE project.
Naughtia Nice has appeared in ...and the Horse You Rode in On! | Balls! | Blasphemy! | Bottoms Over Broadway | Burlesque for Kids (not for kids) | Creeping Xmas Death | Drinking Problem | Eat Me | Film Strip | Filthy Lucre | How The Pinch Stole Xmas | How To Sex (a do-it-yourself guide) | Murder Most Naked | My Biggest Fan | Naked Planet | P.I.N.C.H. Squad | Pinch U. | Pinchbottom Declares War | Pinchbottom and the Raiders of the Temple of the Kingdom of the Golden Boobs of Doom | Pinchbottomland | Pow! Zap! Boob! | Pretençión | Reality TV | Slumber Party in Pink | The Boob Job | The Last Burlesque Show in the World | The Morning After | The Pinch Brothers in "The Bawdy House" | Who Killed Jo Boobs? | You Only Pinch Twice |