Nasty Canasta
Nasty Canasta wasn't born nasty, she's just drawn that way. The product of a brief tryst following a late-night card game between Sid Vicious and Carol Burnett, Nasty is old-school glamour at its most surreal. Her burlesque performances celebrate the vagaries of pop culture and the wicked sense of humor that makes it all bearable. Nasty can be found bumping & grinding, turning (magic) tricks, and fending off the advances of lascivious puppets at various unsavory locations throughout Brooklyn and NYC. She also produces and hosts Sweet & Nasty Burlesque.
Nasty Canasta has appeared in ...and the Horse You Rode in On! | A Day On The Boardwalk, A Night At The Sideshow | Balls! | Blasphemy! | Bottoms Over Broadway | Burlesque for Kids (not for kids) | Creeping Xmas Death | Devilish | Drinking Problem | Eat Me | Film Strip | Filthy Lucre | How The Pinch Stole Xmas | How To Sex (a do-it-yourself guide) | Lurid Pulp! | Murder Most Naked | My Biggest Fan | Naked Planet | P.I.N.C.H. Squad | Pinch U. | Pinchbottom Declares War | Pinchbottom and the Raiders of the Temple of the Kingdom of the Golden Boobs of Doom | Pinchbottomland | Pow! Zap! Boob! | Pretençión | Reality TV | Slumber Party in Pink | The Boob Job | The Morning After | The Pinch Brothers in "The Bawdy House" | Who Killed Jo Boobs? | You Only Pinch Twice |