Madame Rosebud
Madame Rosebud is burlesque's Eastern Muse. Her specialty: the creation of worlds in which you may comfortably be seduced. As a striptease artist, actor, dancer and storyteller, she has brought her graceful, elegant work to audiences all over the East Coast. Being a natural student of disciplines Chinese, Japanese, Indian and beyond, her work is a uniquely alluring amalgam of styles. The gleam of a blade, a sliver of thigh, the fall of a silken drape, eyes flashed as a warning and an invitation...with these and more, she will make real your dreams. Any viewer will be seduced; the connoisseur will be haunted. Approachable but mysterious, graceful but earthy, sexy but never obvious; this is Madame Rosebud. Though Madame can be seen performing solo, she is a founding member of New York's renowned Peach Tartes. She is privileged to take part in bringing their signature theatrical burlesque stylings to stages everywhere.
Madame Rosebud has appeared in Lurid Pulp! | Pretençión | The Morning After |