Doctor Lukki
Born in Oakland, California, Lukki ("The Great Fire of Chicago") has been living in NYC since the mid 90s where she fully realized my dream of becoming a female drag queen. Here she has stumbled upon a consortium of freaks, geeks, and gorgeous people who covet glamour and excess as much as she does. She also got her PhD. My area of specialty is nineteenth century American popular culture and entertainment which allows her to study the thing that she does. There's no point in memorizing things you can look up so instead she spends her time filling her head with random associations and silly ways to capture theory and put it on the stage where it does not belong.
Doctor Lukki has appeared in Bottoms Over Broadway | Devilish | Eat Me | My Biggest Fan | Pinchbottom Declares War | Slumber Party in Pink | The Pinch Brothers in "The Bawdy House" |