Julie Atlas Muz
SITE: http://www.julieatlasmuz.com/ |
Miss Exotic World and Miss Coney Island 2006, Julie Atlas Muz is known for sucker punching the boundaries between performance art, dance and burlesque with dark, twisted, come-hither performances that have secured her place in the underworld of nightlife as well as the bastion of the art world. On any given night in New York City, you can see Julie Atlas Muz peeling off the outlandish costumes, covered in fake blood in the basement of a gay bar or co-hosting America's Favorite Burlesque Gameshow This or That! on public access. A 2004 Whitney Biennial Artist and a 2005 Valencia Bienal Artist, Julie has swam as a mermaid in Europe's largest saltwater aquarium with 450 tropical saltwater fish, 2 sharks and 1 eel. Julie continues to celebrate the ever political lineage of naked ladies in public spaces as set in motion by Lady Godiva.
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