Jonny Porkpie
According to the Wikipedia article about Jonny Porkpie, which Porkpie swears up and down he did not write, and which fails to meet the website's strict quality standards, "Jonny Porkpie is a New York City-based writer, director, and performer in neo-burlesque. So called for his porkpie hat, Jonny creates and hosts monthly theme-based burlesque shows as part of his production company, Pinchbottom. His work has been touted in New York Magazine as the "best burlesque" in the City. He has of late been highlighted as a pivotal player in New York City's burlesque renaissance in media covering the phenemenon. Porkpie's own Web site states that he is running for Burlesque Mayor of New York City." His lurid pulp novel, "The Corpse Wore Pasties" (a burlesque murder mystery) will be released by Hard Case Crime in December 2009.
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