Harvest Moon
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Harvest Moon, "The Sultry Siren of Burlesque", began her career by founding the legendary dance troupe The Cantankerous Lollies in 1995. Miss Moon's troupe quickly became San Francisco's premiere showgirl act, known for their Montmartre-style cabarets, including rousing Can-Cans which would've made Toulouse Lautrec proud. In 2001, Harvest Moon moved to New York, where she has since been actively making a name for herself in the cities' burlesque scene, performing both solo and with a newly-formed east coast troupe of Cantankerous Lollies. She blends vintage burlesque style with unique and surprising elements borrowed from the circus' big-top. Lately, she's made an even stronger return to her circus roots, performing as part of a trapeze duo with Elie Venezsky, a trapeze artist who has toured Europe and the US with the Tiger Lillies.
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