Clams Casino
Miss Clams Casino is the daughter that Dolly Parton and Charles Nelson Reilly never had! Every time her heels hit the stage, the curvaceous Clams combines her dizzying shimmy with a shot of glam, a spray of glitter-and then straight to the bar! Her dream is to one day hit the road with the Clams Casino Rock and Soul Revue, with stops at the Burt Reynolds Dinner Theater in Jupiter, Florida and the Andy Williams Theater in Branson, Missouri. Clams is also the co-producer and one of the stars of the Gameshow Speakeasy, which presents completely unauthorized live-on-stage version of the classic game show, plus Jump The Shark, Bump and Grindhouse, Smells Like Tease Spirit, The Shore Thing (with Pinchbottom in Asbury Park, NJ, and many other burlesque shows.
Clams Casino has appeared in Balls! | Bottoms Over Broadway | Devilish | Drinking Problem | Filthy Lucre | How To Sex (a do-it-yourself guide) | Lurid Pulp! | Murder Most Naked | Pinch U. | Pinchbottom Declares War | Pinchbottom and the Raiders of the Temple of the Kingdom of the Golden Boobs of Doom | Pinchbottomland | Pretençión | Reality TV | Slumber Party in Pink | The Last Burlesque Show in the World | The Pinch Brothers in "The Bawdy House" | Who Killed Jo Boobs? | You Only Pinch Twice |