Bastard Keith
Bastard Keith is the quadruple threat singer-host-performer-writer who can be seen providing his uniquely volatile charm to burlesque shows, saucy readings and theatrical stages around New York City. Keith started out in the renowned Sweet and Nasty Burlesque, though then he was known only as "Keith". It was in "Blasphemy!", the debut episode of Pinchbottom's Subconscious, that he first performed with the honorific "Bastard". Behaviorally and genetically correct, it stuck like a hot flannel. After perfecting his subtle blend of music, alcohol, extreme dance moves, porn and violence, he formed a double act with the great and absolutely ridiculous Naughtia Nice. Keith himself is the host of the steamy, wicked, classy Revealed Burlesque. Bastard Keith: a polysexual reprobate you can believe in.
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