Angie Pontani
Trained as a professional dancer, Angie broke into the NYC Burlesque scene before she was of legal age to enter a nightclub by dancing as part of the Dutch Weismann Follies at the tender age of 17½. She began her hoofing career as a chorus girl and quickly rose the ranks, becoming a featured strip teaser and even singer in the show! From there it was on to forming stage shows in Coney Island with popular local music acts Dem Brooklyn Bums, becoming a boogying boardwalk staple with her sister Tara. Later, she performed with the popular swing band from New Orleans, The Flying Neutrinos, where she incorporated both her sisters in syncopation Tara & Helen, from that union the World Famous Pontani Sisters were officially born and have risen to become one of the most internationally recognized names in Burlesque. Angie currently performs both with her sisters and as a solo dancer all over the world. She was recently named Miss Cyclone 2007-2008 by Astroland Amusement Park in lovely Coney Island.
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