Amber Ray
Amber Ray's pageantry is reminiscent of many iconic genres of the past and present and a major force in the evolving future culture of popular art. Her chameleonic qualities measure vast differences and are sure to startle with grace, confrontation and fantastical flamboyance. She embodies the dream of other mythical worlds, reavealing her stature as a provacative exotic creature. You will find her most often musing the masses through various stage productions, art installations, sitting for severly talented painters, photograpers and designers as well as dazzling at High end events to which she ardently shares her love of style, luster, and her brand of spiritual artistic expression of the whimsical and the real. Amber Ray is an artist, costume designer, singer, entertainer and all around creative force of nature residing in NYC. Brace yourself for her power-packed manifestations of absolute fabulousness.
Amber Ray has appeared in Bottoms Over Broadway | Pinchbottom Declares War | Pretençión | The Boob Job | The Last Burlesque Show in the World |