Pinchbottom Attacks B-MOVIES!

VOTE HERE: In his autobiography, legendary B-Movie director Roger Corman claimed he based his films on his posters… He would create several promo images, and whichever the public liked best, that was the movie he made.[…]

2015-05 Posters-01

The Church of Titillation

Buy Tickets! Pastor Jonny Porkpie and Sunday School teacher Jo “Boobs” Weldon — alongside a ministry of inspiringly naked guest starsincluding Angie Pontani, Peekaboo Pointe, Tigger!, Kiten La Rue & Lou Henry Hoover, reigning King[…]


Dead Sexy

Buy Tickets! Zombies, vampires, goblins and ghouls, demons, monsters, murderers, psychopaths and other horrors… all (mostly) naked! Dead Sexy is back from the grave every week with more flasher slasher striptease. Every Friday at 9:00pm[…]


Mob Jews

The women of the Kosher Nostra. Prohibition! Jewish siblings The Zhlepsky Sisters decide they want a bisl (piece) of the action and open a speakeasy… in an abandoned mortuary… disguised as a pickle shop. Their burlesque-infused farborgn shenk (hidden pub) runs[…]


Stripper/ Carny/ Cowboy

The year: 1899. On the dusty trails of the American traveling show circuit, there are two contenders in the battle for audiences: “Cowboy Chris’ Wild West Extravaganza” and “Dapper Donny V’s Circus Carnival Sideshow.” For[…]