Pinchbottom Shows

Mob Jews

18 Mar , 2015  


The women of the Kosher Nostra.

Prohibition! Jewish siblings The Zhlepsky Sisters decide they want a bisl (piece) of the action and open a speakeasy… in an abandoned mortuary… disguised as a pickle shop. Their burlesque-infused farborgn shenk (hidden pub) runs like a pickled dream until the local Mafia, the Tortelli Triplets (all two of them) demand a piece of the profits, and they all end up in a tsuris (trouble)-filled turf war which will leave some dead, some drunk, some dead drunk, and most everyone naked. Meet the whole messugah mespucha (crazy family) in this batamte (delicious) tale of banned-from-the-Borscht-Belt comedians, feygella showboys, intoxicated G-Women, goyishe gangsters, and (of course) Mob Jews — as you journey into the ungepatshke (overdone) underworld of oy-ganized crime.


Sister Shows

Stripper/ Carny/ Cowboy

18 Jul , 2014  


The year: 1899. On the dusty trails of the American traveling show circuit, there are two contenders in the battle for audiences: “Cowboy Chris’ Wild West Extravaganza” and “Dapper Donny V’s Circus Carnival Sideshow.” For years, these arch-rivals have used every trick in the book (and some too dirty to write down) to steal crowds from each other, but when a new show takes to the road—one that offers its thrills not in the form of sword-swallowing or whip-cracking, but in the burgeoning art of “strip-tease”—they must join forces to bring down the upstart. Will “Professor Porkpie’s Bim-Bam Burlesque Spectacular” fall to the machinations of these con-men, or will nudity conquer all? There’s only one place to find out: in STRIPPER/CARNY/COWBOY, November 5 at 8pm at The Slipper Room in NYC.

For one night only, “Mayor of Burlesque” Jonny Porkpie teams up with “Strange for Hire” sideshow legend Donny Vomit and international cowboy superstar Chris McDaniel for a show unlike any ever seen on this earth. Also starring Bunny Buxom, Frankie Sin, and Jo “Boobs” Weldon. In the immortal ballyhoo of the 1890s, Miss This At Your Peril.

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Sister Shows

The Church of Titillation

13 Jul , 2014  


Pastor Jonny Porkpie and Sunday School teacher Jo “Boobs” Weldon — alongside a ministry of inspiringly naked guest starsincluding Angie Pontani, Peekaboo Pointe, Tigger!, Kiten La Rue & Lou Henry Hoover, reigning King of Boylesque Mr. Gorgeous, and many, many more — bring the gospel of burlesque to the Crossroads of the World every Sunday. Sexy services are open to people of all (or no) faiths, creeds, and genders.

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Sister Shows

Dead Sexy

5 Oct , 2013  


From the award-winning Jonny Porkpie (Burlesque Mayor of NYC, Pinchbottom Burlesque, Grab My Junk, Church of Titillation) and associate producer Bunny Buxom comes a frighteningly attractive, monstrously talented, insanely seductive night of tease, titillation, and of course… Death. | Sundays 8pm in October at Times Scare, 669 8th Avenue, Manhattan

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